Raw Art from the mind of an ex drug addict, from the use of colours to endless sea of images I portray my views on politics, religion and social issues.


Cory’s passion has always been in the arts, he hated painting for a long time until he discovered Jean Michel Basquait. His work inspired him to start painting himself. He attends Sheridan College in Oakville Ontario for Special Effects and has received an advanced diploma in Visual and Creative Arts there as well.
Cory’s father passed away when he was twelve. When he entered High School he fell into the wrong crowd. He delved into a serious drug problem with ecstasy, ketamine and morphine. At the age of fifteen he was removed from his home by CCAS (catholic children's aid society) because they believed he was a dangerous influence to his younger sisters. He was put in a group home located in downtown Hamilton. Cory’s drug use only became worse after this. He AWOL'd many times and eventually got kicked out of the group home at 16. He couch hopped and slept on the street when he had to.
Eventually Cory got fed up with the life he was leading and didn't want to live like that anymore so he forced himself to get sober. He got sober just before he turned seventeen and moved back home later that year.
He attended a booklet school for troubled kids where he discovered Jean Michel Basquait from a book his art teacher thought Cory should look at, the rest is history.

Artist Statement

I am a Neo Expressionist, I paint using very saturated colours that work off each other well. I have a ritual when I paint; I turn music on really loud and clear my mind. I immerse myself into the canvas and often do not even think about what I am painting until an image is already on the canvas. When I do plan out images for a painting it is mostly just the colour the image will be. I paint quickly usually only taking 3 - 6 hours per painting. I like to think of my style as raw art.
I've been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil, never doing my school work always doodling instead. When I was 12 my father passed, a year later I turned to drugs. I went through quite a rough patch, couch surfing where I could and sometimes sleeping outside. I got sober just before I turned 17, went back to school and discovered drawing again. My art teacher at the time showed me an artist Jean-Michel Basquait. I fell in love with his work. I did a representation of one of his pieces and I really enjoyed painting that way. Before that I never liked painting much, but after seeing his work I became inspired and started to paint myself.

Through years of painting now I am finding my own personal style and it is a very recognizable style. There are many artists I look up to me and inspire me to name a few: Jesse Reno, Jean-Michel Basquait, Mikey Welsh and Francesco Garieri. My style is officially called outsider art or neo expressionism. I want my work to mean something in the greater scheme of the art world and its history. I want to be the next Picasso.